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Simon Bolivar’s Day

Simon Bolivar’s Day 2019 and 2020

Simon Bolivar’s Day is a national public holiday in Venezuela. It’s celebrated on the birthday of “The Liberator”, Simon Bolivar, who freed both Venezuela and much of northern and western South America from Spanish rule. The date of the holiday is 24 July.

201924 JulWedSimon Bolivar's Day
202024 JulFriSimon Bolivar's Day

After having been away in Spain and Europe for a time, Bolivar returned to Caracas and, in 1810, helped temporarily capture it from Spain with a group of local Patriots. In 1813, he again took Caracas, and quickly lost it. For a time, he retreated into Colombia, but ultimately he freed Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia from Spanish control.

For a time, Bolivar became president of “Gran Colombia”, and he had visions of creating a united Latin American confederation. But others did not share this vision, and there was even an assassination attempt against him.

In Venezuela, Simon Bolivar’s Day is occasion for big military parades, school-children parades, street parties, and for visiting plaza de Bolivar in the historic district of Caracas to see the stature of Bolivar on horseback there.