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Battle of Carabobo

Battle of Carabobo 2024, 2025 and 2026

In Venezuela, Battle of Carabobo Day is a national holiday. It is celebrated on 24 June, the day in 1821 that Simon Bolivar defeated the Spanish Royalist forces at Carabobo, not far from modern Valencia.

202424 JunMonBattle of Carabobo
202524 JunTueBattle of Carabobo
202624 JunWedBattle of Carabobo
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The battle was the culmination of a long struggle for independence and was the decisive victory that “put the nail in the coffin” of any Spanish hopes of retaking all Venezuela. Interestingly, around 600 of Bolivar’s 6,500 troops were British and called the “British Legion.” The victory was astounding, with casualties 15 to one in favour of the Patriots.

After Venezuela gained its independence, it joined with other states of South American to form “The Republic of Gran Colombia.” This union was short-lived, however, and Venezuela has remained independent ever since exiting Gran Colombia.

A military parade with great pomp and splendour is the main attraction on Battle of Carabobo Day, which is also called simply “Army Day.” Many thousands of troops will march, along with war horses and modern military equipment.

The battle site, where the parade takes place, is known as the “Alley of Glory.” There, you can see sculptures of famous patriots who fought there. There is also a tomb of the unknown soldier that is kept by soldiers in military garb dating from Bolivar’s time.

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